Rohan Kamble

Full Stack Developer, Javascript Lover, and PHP Admirer from Mumbai, India

Hello, My name is Rohan,
I am a Web Developer, Javascript Lover, and PHP admirer from Mumbai, India with over 8 Years of Experience in wide range of domains like ecommerce, matrimonial, company's professional, Finance, company internal communications.
You can consider me a Full Stack Developer too as its been 2 years now that I have been developing & taking care of HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT at the front-end and PHP at the back-end.
My love for WEB is increasing every single day by developing websites, web applications, chrome extensions and much more.
I learn and get inspired by beautiful developers out there who are building great things and helping people solve their problem.
I love to innovate and always eager to understand the design and build beautiful UI.

Technology Stack

Front-end - Bootstrap, CSS3, Javascript - (ReactJS, jQuery, jQuery UI), ExtJS(beginners), Sencha Touch(beginners)

Back-end - PHP - (Codeigniter, Laravel, Zend), Mysql

OS - Linux,Windows,Mac

CMS - Wordpress

Apps - Mobile - PWA

Cloud - AWS

E-Commerce - Prestashop, Woocommerce, WP-e-Commerce

In my 8 Years Web Development

1. Magnet Technologies 1.5 Years - Built many Wordpress Plugins
Smart Manager for wp-e-commerce
Smart Reporter for wp-e-commerce

2. 2.5 Years - Website Revamps Profile page Revamps & Search Profiles

3. Rave Technologies 4+ Years -
Company's Professional website
Company's Internal communications portal
Built some Wordpress Plugins, which are personalised to company website
Document search
CDN - SFTP upload
User soft delete
Google Login
VFB Acton Mapping
Wordpress Widgets
Hargreaves Lansdown - Bristol, UK - 2 Years (onsite)

Built Few Chrome Extensions

Built Few WordPress Plugins

Also Built few other websites in Travel, College alumni domains

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